Concierge Service

Pay us to do what you could do, but either don’t want to or need professional help.

WAYSEED provides this Concierge Service to complete tasks that could be done on your own with the help of our detailed instructions, but you just don’t want to do them or would feel much better having the tasks done professionally. The Concierge Service is $160 and includes up to 4 tasks. The use of the Concierge Service is tracked by our team so that if you pay $160 you get full use of it. When you need more professional help, you can just return here and purchase another. Tasks are broken into quarters thus 1 task equals 1/4 of your Concierge Service credit and will be marked as so. Some tasks such as setting up Stripe Webhooks and Sponsor/Donation Plans are multiple tasks and could use up to a full credit. Some of this depends on how efficient the communication is between you and our team in providing the information needed to complete a task or tasks. Etc. If you have questions about our Concierge Service please feel free to CONTACT US. Concierge Service credits are non-refundable but will remain usable as long as the account is in good standing.

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