Instructions – How to Reset Password

Forgot Password

1. Visit here [Sign In] or click on the “Lost Password?” link.

2. Enter you registered username or email address and click on the “GET PASSWORD RESET EMAIL” button. (give the system enough time to send the reset email before trying again. Also make sure that is white-listed at your email provider. This can usually be done by sending an email to an address on the domain such as [support @], or adding it manually)

3. Check you email and look for a message from WAYSEED that has the subject line “[WAYSEED] Reset Your Password” it will look like the image below. Click on the link that says “(<- reset your password here)”

4. Enter your new password in the field above the password strength meter and click the “RESET PASSWORD” button

5. You should now be at the [Sign In] screen and see the message “Your password has been reset.”. Go ahead and sign in using your reset password.