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A BACKER / SHOPPER is an individual that supports one or more of our organization, business or entrepreneur members by contributing to their fundraising campaigns needed to support their projects, visiting and sharing their public listing, buying or bidding on items in their marketplace store and/or responding to classifieds ads they have posted. All of your generous support is a collaborative effort to help those that are destined to make a real difference in our communities and the world at large.


..Seed Planter.. Backer / Shopper - give funds, buy products, tell others FREE..


An WAYSEED member is a an organization, business or entrepreneur that will create CROWNDFUNDING fund-raising projects, open a MARKETPLACE STORE to sell/auction items, maintain a PUBLIC LISTING, and post CLASSIFIED ADS all for the purpose of raising vital funds for the projects you develop that will make a real difference in your communities and the world at large. Plus more benefits. Membership is ($30 Monthly or $300 yearly) Click Here for an explanation of services and fees.

..collecting & managing funds given by backers / shoppers..

Organization / Business / Entrepreneur Organization / Member